Scarborough Ruins

Ruins of an old stone house, located on Scarborough Beach in Narragansett, RI

I could never find much information on the history of these ruins but they are said to be remains of an old carriage house.

The ruins are located off Scarborough State Beach park (map below). Pretty easy to find since they stand out well on the beach. Make sure to wear suitable shoes and watch for poison ivy since there is a lot of overgrowth in the area.

Scarborough Beach Ruins

Old stone carriage house

Scarborough ruins


Old Stone Carriage House

Ruins Reflection

Scarborough Beach


2 thoughts on “Scarborough Ruins

  1. It was owned by the Lownes family. Albert Lownes was the last owner. He was very active in the Boy Scouts. They were family friends of mine and I spent my summers as a child at the house. The main house burnt down many years ago the reaming stone structure was a carriage house which has living quarters for the help who worked for them. It was a beautiful estate with a large front yard and a big wrap around porch,

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