Biggin Church Ruins

Moncks Corner, SC

The site for the church, Biggin Hill, is probably named for Biggin Hill in the London Borough of Bromley. The first church was built around 1711 to replace a wooden building that had been used for religious services. This church burned in a forest fire around 1755.The church was replaced with a new building in 1761.

During the Revolutionary War, British troops used the church as a depot. As they retreated, the church and stores were burned in 1781. The church was used up to the Civil War. During the war, the furniture was removed and the church building was damaged and neglected. Around 1886,or 1890s the church was burned in a forest fire. After the fire, its bricks were scavenged for other construction projects.

Ruins through the gate

Biggin Church Ruins

Grave of a Confederate Soldier

Grave of a Confederate Veteran

Biggin Church Ruins


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